I also make a range of delicious sugar free home made products. 

These products can be ordered at least 48hrs in advance by sending me an email. Payment can be made when you come to pick up or by bank transfer. Please contact me for details. 

Large orders can be delivered if nessessary, please contact me for details.


This is an example of chocolate and lemon cupcakes

€2,50 per cupcake

Minimun order quantity is 18







A bit of a close up, don't they look delicious?


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream

€2,50 per cupcake

Minimun order quantity is 18




Yummy Lemon with lemon buttercream

I can also make these in Vanilla flavour

€2,50 per cupcake

Minimun order quantity is 18





Strawberry cheesecake cupcake with cream cheese icing

There are real fresh strawberries baked in the cupcake

€3 per cupcake

Minimun order quantity is 18







Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing

20cm in diameter. 

This cake contains walnuts, carrot and raisins.  The carrots used as decoration on this cake contain sugar.

Other decoration options can be crumbled walnuts or grated lemon rind


Gluten free option is also available. I can make it on buckwheat





Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies with a light dusting of cocoa

These brownies are amazing. You must try them!

Gluten free

Contains: Almond meal and buckwheat

€2 per piece 10cm x 3cm.                  

Minimun order quantity is 10



Coconut Macaroons


€0,50 each

Minimum order quantity is 20